About Purvanchal

Languages spoken : Bhojpur, Awadhi, and Urdu  ( Pali is being promoted and spoken in Kushinagar by Buddhists)

Connecting Airports : Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Muripur, Azamgarh, Ghazipur, Kushinagar, Shravasti

Universities : BHU, IIT, MGKV, DDU, Purvanchal University, Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, Sampurnand Sanskrit University

State govt Funds under : Purvanchal Vikas Nidhi ( established by UP govt in 1991)

What is stopping to emerge as a developed region/state :  1) Political parties that are playing the game of SC/ST/OBC/Muslim vote Bank politics.

these contents are taken from wikipedia for information purpose

Purvanchal (Hindi: पूर्वांचल , Urdu: پُورواںچل) is a geographic region of northern India, which comprises the eastern end of Uttar Pradesh state and may also include the western districts of Bihar where Bhojpuri is the predominant language. It is bounded by Nepal to the north, Indian state Bihar to the east, Bagelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh state to the south, the Awadh region of Uttar Pradesh to the west and the end ofDoab (at Allahabad) in Uttar Pradesh to its southwest.

List of districts in Purvanchal

Purvanchal includes the following districts from Uttar Pradesh:

1,  Azamgarh,   , 7, Gorakhpur, , 13, Sant Kabir Nagar
2, Ballia, , 8, Jaunpur, , 14, Sant Ravidas Nagar - Bhadohi
3, Basti,  ,9, Kushinagar, , 15, Sidharth Nagar
4, Chandauli, , 10, Maharajganj, , 16, Sonbhadra
5, Deoria, , 11,Mau, ,17, Varanasi
6, Ghazipur, , 12,Mirzapur,,,

Purvanchal may also include the following districts from Bihar:

Sr, District , , Sr, District
1,  Bhojpur,   , 7, Saran
2, Buxar, , 8, East Champaran
3, Kaimur,  ,9, West Champaran
4, Rohtas,,,
5, Siwan,,,
6, Gopalganj,,,

In the year 2000, the Mayawati government, at the time of reorganisation of the Uttar Pradesh state, formed the Purvanchal Economic Zone and rather arbitrarily included the non-Purvanchali districts into the zone, including Allahabad, Pratapgarh, Faizabad and eight more. There has been growing unrest and anger among the people of Allahabad and other districts on being included in the Pruvanchal zone. Agitation has started taking shape, through media and internet. Ironically Faizabad-Ayodhya is also included under this zone, ignoring the fact that the state of Awadhderives its name from Ayodhya, and it was once the capital of Awadh.