Does Distance Mode Education Affect Career

Does Distance Mode Education Affect Career

Education is power. It is endless. You can invest your whole life in education and at the end of life you will find a lot is still not known to you. If you are working professional, off-course you left for night colleges, open or distance mode. But if you are non-working and looking for a career after completing education, it is a very big question.

Yes, your career may get affected if you are a student and opting open courses. But don’t worry, it will not affect so much.
In India, education level is increasing day by day. You can just imaging in March 2011, there were around 370 Universities, and now it is around 600. In 2 years it is almost double.  UGC’s 12th Planning(2012-2017) is aiming to setup more universities. A very big % of Indians are still not able to get graduation level education. More degree colleges, Institutions, and universities are required. You may wonder to know that just 7% Indian gets graduated. You can think about more higher education like Masters & PhD!!!
Seeing our university age-group population, you can just imaging that around 10,000 scholars were able to get IITs umbrella rest goes into different peek engineering colleges. Recently government has spread IITs and marked our nation premier institutions/ colleges as IIT to provide high quality of education. But, do you think, this figure is enough to tackle the big technologies demands. No, it can cover. In IT, there is no barrier. You can find everywhere Art, Commerce & simple science(not CS) graduates in software development industry. The demand is huge. BITS( top 20 science & technology schools in Asia) has started Industry Integrated courses to fill the gap and providing BS & MS degrees. As long you are updating yourself with new trends you are fit. There are around 1600 engineering colleges with total intake of around 7-8 Lac only !  Engineering colleges are facing shortage of faculty as every one is gong in other industry than education.

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