Civil Services Exam – How to select the best optional for IAS Exam

Civil Services Exam – How to select the best optional for IAS Exam

[dropcap color=”#888″ type=”square”]A[/dropcap]fter a facelift in 2011 for preliminary exam, now in 2013 in mains the new format has now been witnessed a great and revolutionary changes in the one of the toughest exams in the world, the Civil Services Exam or the IAS exam. In 2012 and earlier there were two optional subjects to be selected by the aspirants each having two papers making a total of four papers of optional. The General Studies papers were only two.


Acting upon the different panel’s recommendation, Union Public Service Commission, which is authorized constitutional body to conduct different competitive exams in the country, has changed the mains exam format of IAS exam from 2013 onward.

Now in New format the major change was in General Studies (GS), optional papers. Now there shall be four GS papers instead of two and there shall be only two optional papers instead of four.

Now, since the scenario looks to have been changed, it’s similarly necessary to change the preparation strategy. [icons icon_name=”icon-trophy” icon_size=”14px”]

As per the new strategy our aim must be to tackle the requirements of GS rather to optional.    But it’s also not recommended to fully neglect the Optional papers which carry 500 marks. Optional subject needs to be selected keeping in view the following:

  1. Interest: Interest in the subject is very much necessary for selecting the optional. Choose the subject which you can enjoy learning rather it gives a boredom to you.
  2. Availability of Study materials: Second priority should be given to the criteria whether the study material is easily available in the market abundantly.
  3. Third criteria must be whether you have studied the subject in your school or college days and the basic fundamentals of the subject are already clear to you.
  4. While selecting the optional one should also keep the watch on the stretch of the syllabus of that optional

Aspirants should note that no optional has any plus on another, once you are done with the selection keep yourself motivated and on track for being clicked at the final selection.

Best of Luck!

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