All India English Language Testing Authority – EFL University Hyderabad

All India English Language Testing Authority – EFL University Hyderabad

[quote]Developed by the faculty members of the university, the AIELTA test is very different from the traditional memory-based language tests that are prevalent in the country. It is a general proficiency test in English and is not based on any prescribed syllabus. The aim of this three hour test is to determine how well an individual can use English for communicative purposes – it assesses a candidate’s proficiency in reading, writing, listening, grammar and  Vocabulary.     –( [/quote]

[dropcap color=”#888″ type=”square”]T[/dropcap]he test is conducted by English and Foreign Language University Hyderabad, the only national University in country fully devoted to English and foreign languages, every year in the Month of May.  The notification for the same comes around March-April. The best thing with this test is that you don’t need to have any academic qualification to write this examination but to be of 16 or above. The test is held in major cities of India and costs around 1000 Indian rupees.EFL University

To me it sometimes looks to be TOEFL and IELTS for India. The day shall come when for everyone who wants to take a career in teaching of English shall have to produce an AIELTA test certification. It’s like a certification in English teaching.

The test has been structured by language specialists at EFLU to assess your ability to use English in your day to day life, academic or workplace situations. It’s has got no specific syllabus.

It is highly recommended test for those who want to excel in competitive and career exams and for those who want to take English teaching as a career.

Once you took part in the test, you shall be issued a certificate showing your grades in Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar and writing.

[info]For more details the official website has to be kept watch on.[/info]

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