Inspiration everywhere with Micromax mobile

Inspiration everywhere with Micromax mobile


I do remember, when I was on the mobile phone shop to buy a smart phone, and my accompanying friends were starring me. It was not a choice but cost that was forcing me to see smart phone upto maximum range of 14,000 Indian rupees. Samsung Duos was falling in my this price range but features/specifications given with Micromax HD Canvas 110 was attracting me. I was quite in dilemma, because my friends were trying to explain the value of Brand.

I was thinking in other way and you must have guess so far that it was features and not brand. Finally, I picked Micromax Canvas HD 110.

[quote] It’s truly a smart phone, that manage all your needy social activities like other brands. I am very happy to have this smart phone. [/quote]

I bought it from and got its delivery in 4 days. Seller was from Kolkata. My experience with with this buy was also good. They lock your money till you flag that you have received your purchased items. It is very good and give trust in online buying.


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