Why to take MBBS in Foreign Countries?

Why to take MBBS in Foreign Countries?

Medicine is a very sought after career option for students. Every student wants to pursue medicine. In this age of tuff competition in medicine stream, the majority of our students are left behind in getting in to medicine studies.  In our country we have All India Pre Medical Test and State Pre-Medical Entrance Tests, to enter in to a medicine school. Medical Council of India is a regulator in this stream.

Total number of seats in India is around 46,500; where as the candidate taking part in the entrances are very high making it very difficult to get a seat in a medicine school.

Private medical colleges in India charge a huge amount of money for booking seat and tuition fee etc. are also not eased.

For those who after tries cannot get the seat in government administered college, foreign medical schools are the best option to pursue medicine.

Foreign medical education is comparatively cheap and the seats are also in good numbers. The students think of Russia, China, Ukraine and Nepal if they think of going abroad for being a medico, because the total cost for getting a medical degree in foreign countries varies form 15-25 lakh Indian rupees whereas in the India only seat booking in private colleges starts at 25lakh.

First/Basic Medical Degrees and duration in some of the countries are as follows;


[tab title=”India”]                   MBBS in 5 ½ Years [/tab]
[tab title=”Russia”]                MD(Physician) in 6 years[/tab]
[tab title=”China”]                 MBBS in 6 Years[/tab]
[tab title=”Ukraine”]                MD(Physician) in 6 years[/tab]

[tab title=”Nepal”]                    MBBS in 5 ½ Years[/tab]



The above MD(Physician) degree is not be confused with the Indian Post graduate degree MD.  In Russia and Ukraine the PG degree is PhD.

The only so called hurdle is to pass the Screening test conducted by the NAT board for Foreign Medical Graduate (FMG) to practice in India. There is myth that it’s a very difficult test. I know and believe that it’s difficult for those who in their studies days don’t study honestly rather they enjoy the foreign country. But if one is seriously studying and having a good understanding of the screening test shall pass it in one go. Once you pass the Screening test, you shall be a full alike to an Indian MBBS degree holder and shall be eligible for government jobs etc.

Some foreign colleges also assist Indian students during the course for clearing the screening test in India.

Recently, Medical Council of India(MCI) has scraped the requirement of getting the eligibility certificate before going to abroad for MBBS course. It’s a good step towards easing the FMGs worries.

Some organizations working for FMGs cause in India are in talks with the government to even scrap the screening test also. If anything happens in this row, it shall be very good for those who are deprived from medical facilities due to remote locations and financial parameters as the number of doctors shall increase in the country and they shall reach to length and breadth of the country to serve the people.

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